Small Groups


Encompass takes a radically simple approach to small group by clearing away the obstacles between you and a more fulfilling relationship with God. To begin, you need only say yes to the invitation. 


Encompass groups embrace the Christian traditions of stillness, prayer, and scripture reading to bring God's word into sharper focus. These practices help us become more aware of God's guiding presence in our day to day lives. 

Encompass groups permit us to set apart a sacred space

to engage in genuine relationship. As we practice active participation in our own faith journeys, we can become more comfortable  listening and following the voice of God in our own lives. With a focus on approaching God and the Bible from a holistic spiritual perspective, encompass engages the whole self. 


Everything you need to know about encompass groups can be found in the encompass small group guide (available in paperback or downloadable PDF). With easy to follow step by step instructions and online resources for support, we have taken the guesswork out of how to be truly present with God and each other. 


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