Our Story

Encompass began with a small group of friends who took the chance to come together and journey hard after God. Although each of us had been involved in church groups or various Bible studies, we found a common longing for a place to be still with God and connect through scripture, prayer and conversation on an ongoing basis. We found the message of a  simple and bold approach to time spent with God resonated with others seeking to deepen their faith. 

The word encompass means to form a circle about; to include, to cover, surround. Encompass ministries provides the necessary support for those actively seeking God's will in their own lives as they gather, grow and transform.. 


We Believe


We are created for relationship with God

As such we have within us a deep longing for God that we often misidentify, overlook deny or numb rather than pursue fulfillment. We believe in order for us to know and be known by God we must actively participate in relationship with God. Because we believe every person is capable of hearing God speak ito their own lives, our focus is on providing simple offerings which acknowledge how God, through the Holy Spirit, has already equipped us.  


Dawn Richa founded encompass ministries out of a desire to come alongside others as they seek authentic connection with themselves, others and God. She feels called to the ministry of spiritual formation and has a passion for helping people approach God simply and boldly. Dawn has a bachelors's degree in psychology from Purdue University, and a Master's degree in Social work from the University of Missouri. She also holds a Graduate Certificate in Counseling and Spirituality from Richmont Graduate University, is a YEC Certified Enneagram Coach and an I.E.A. Certified Enneagram Practitioner. Dawn lives in the Atlanta area with her husband and two teenage children.